So I’m missing work again.

This time not because I’m sick, but because my father forgot to renew his med suscription in time and has been out of meds for three days now. He neglected to mention this and was trying to hide how bad he was feeling. He has to keep on top of these things and I know it angers my mom because she starts to feel like his mom constantly reminding him and then ending up having to go get the meds herself anyway…he just doesn’t realize the impact it has on all of us.
I won’t let him watch Kaeden because he goes through withdrawal and can’t be there for Kaeden if his head is in the toilet all day…it’s just frustrating because he was pretty much absent while I was growing up. He was there but always drunk and mixing pills with alcohol to drown out his depression. He’s been sober but has to deal with a ridiculos amount of pain due to his left sciatic nerve being shattered down his leg as a complication to spinal arthritis…serious shit right? But the only thing that gets him out of bed is being able to watch Kaeden while I work. He’s sort of making up for my childhood by being there for Kaeden. He just can’t if he won’t keep up on his pain and depression meds.
Sorry for the rant, it’s just something that happens again and again and I’m a bit tired of it. He’s my father but I sometimes feel like I’m dealing with a teen.